Company profile

Teamwork, high qualifications, cooperation with clients

Thanks to these principles developed since the company´s foundation we have the opportunity to offer our clients high-quality, effective services while undertaking demanding projects in the areas of steel constructions, glass facade systems and cladding of buildings. Our team of designers working in close co-operation fully combines previously gained experience with the inventive, innovative and active approach of its younger members.

We fully support not only our client´s main aim, which is primarily a quality completed building, but by establishing a partnership with the client, we also pursue an understanding of the project and fulfilling their ideas of cooperation.

We comprehend constructions as a part of an architectural, functional and economically designed  whole, mutually linked with related building professions. We pay close attention to the details of designs with regard to aesthetics and correct statics and building function. Our experts take advantage of top-ranking knowledge, skills and abilities for such oriented work in both technical and legislative areas. A practical approach to the management and design allow our company to meet the clents´ demands for a quality design and the optimal use of  finances.

We grow as specialists

We partake in projects of steel construction and cladding in all design stages. In our work we always try to implement the latest trends and knowledge of expertise. The use of state-of-the -art software equipment allows us to process detailed shape and function analyses of architectural designs and accomplish optimalising proposals.

Our staff constantly develop their knowledge via more theoretical studies, consultation of regulation formation and by gaining practical building experience. Through co-operation with not only prominent world architects we constantly polish our skills in finding a natural way to representative outcomes.

We actively involved in designing high-rise buildings and vast investment projects both at home and abroad. It corresponds with our interest in continual professional and  capacitive growth within the optimally constituted, practically organised and progressively managed team.

We offer our investors and architects the elaboration of possible solutions already in the stage of architectural studies in the form of consultations. We prefer versions clearly and simply express the static impact of constructions in compliance with the architect´s intention, corresponding to the latest architectural trends and using the most recent construction and technological knowledge.

We are happy to share our experience and knowledge at lectures held for partnership projection and architectural teams. We help young hopefuls with the guidance for their student professional theses.

We contribute to the development and legislative embedment of the major branches of our design work  by participating in forming specialised technical norms by means of opponent evaluations and consultations.

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